Semi Precious Gemstone Jewelry

We are the designers of semi precious gemstone jewelry. Our uniquely created pieces are made for today's woman. Most of our jewelry is one of a kind so you won't see it elsewhere. 

While hiking in the Adirondack Mountains of New York several years ago,Bill and I discovered our first piece of garnet. Thus, the birth of JemsbyJB&Company (Judy and Bill), our hopes for an early retirement!! 

We have since worked with many other semi-precious gemstones and have brought some of our stones from their raw state to the beautiful finished pieces that we now offer for sale. We try to create pieces that will appeal to all ages and fashion trends.

We use the highest quality gemstones and metals in our designs. Each piece is made to last a lifetime. We use sterling silver and gold fill, along with other metals such as brass. 

In the slideshow below, you can see our main production area and a photo of Bill and our grandson mining for Herkimer Diamonds in Upstate New York.

  • Combining Nature and Creativity to form our Brand
  • This is where it all happens.
  • Mining for Herkimer Diamonds in Upstate New York